Monday, October 18, 2010

Law Enforcement Community Endorses Frank Guinta

Manchester Police, County Sheriffs tout Guinta’s proven, tested leadership

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta continues to build momentum leading up to Tuesday’s primary election. Guinta has earned the endorsement of both the Manchester Association of Police Supervisors and the Manchester Police Patrolmen’s Association. Guinta has also been endorsed by the Sheriffs of Hillsborough, Merrimack, Belknap, Strafford and Carroll Counties. These people and groups touted Guinta’s proven, tested leadership as Mayor of Manchester, and his strong record of service to the city.

“Our association stands with Frank Guinta because of his strong leadership and integrity he has shown in his support of public safety in the city of Manchester,” said Manchester Association of Police Supervisors President Peter Bartlett. “We need honest, righteous leadership in Washington. We believe Frank Guinta will deliver.”

“Frank Guinta is a true friend of the law enforcement community, and did great things for the city of Manchester while in office,” said Dave Connare, President of the Manchester Police Patrolmen’s Association. “Frank looked out for his constituents in Manchester. He’ll do it again in Washington.”

“New Hampshire voters can count on Frank Guinta to stand up for them, just as he’s stood with law enforcement throughout the years,” said Strafford County Sheriff Wayne Estes. “The law enforcement community was proud to stand with Frank in Manchester, they’ll be proud to stand with him as he serves in Congress.”

“As Mayor of Manchester I had the privilege of working with the dedicated men and women who served as our first responders. Their commitment to public safety is second to none,” said Guinta. “I’m honored to have the endorsement of these dedicated public servants.”

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Shea-Porter Lying About DC Lobbyist Money

Claim that Shea-Porter refuses money from DC lobbyists proven to be false

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta criticized Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter for directly lying to voters regarding campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists. Shea-Porter claims she does not take campaign contributions from DC lobbyists . But an evaluation of Shea-Porter’s latest FEC report proves that claim to be false. Shea-Porter accepted $25,450 from lobbyist groups registered in Washington, DC between August 26th and September 30th of this year. Shea-Porter’s penchant for accepting DC lobbyist cash goes even further, having received $109,950 from 17 registered DC lobbyist groups since the start of 2009.

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter is lying to voters when she says she doesn’t take money from Washington lobbyists,” said Guinta campaign spokesman Brett Bosse. “Carol Shea-Porter is free to take campaign contributions from any legal donor, including Washington lobbyists. But she owes it to the rest of us to have her campaign rhetoric match her record in Washington.”

In just four years, Congresswoman Shea-Porter has become a fully-entrenched member of the Washington establishment. Aside from her accepting Washington lobbyist money despite her claims to the contrary, Shea-Porter has become a loyal foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi’s big-government agenda. Shea-Porter has voted with Pelosi 98% of the time, including a costly deciding vote last month to send Congress home without passing a budget, or extending much-needed tax cuts for all Americans.

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter condemns special interests, then gladly cashes her checks,” Bosse continued. “Carol Shea-Porter claims she stands with the rest of us and against Washington lobbyists, but her record proves that these claims are nothing but lies.”

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Hindsight on Shea-Porter’s Stimulus is 20/20

20th straight month of unemployment over 8% confirms stimulus’ failure

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta called on Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter to finally agree with the rest of us who believe her failed stimulus package was a waste. This morning unemployment numbers for September were released, showing the unemployment rate remaining at 9.6% nationwide. This marks the 20th consecutive month unemployment has been over 8%, and over 9% for 17 straight months.[1] Last year, Obama Administration officials promised that the stimulus package would keep unemployment no higher than 8%.[2] Earlier this week, 68% of Americans said they thought the stimulus was a waste of taxpayer money.[3]

“This latest dismal jobs report is further proof that Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s stimulus package was a failure,” said Guinta campaign spokesman Brett Bosse. “When will Congresswoman Shea-Porter finally agree with the rest of us who believe her failed stimulus was a waste of our money?”

Today’s jobs report shows a total loss of nonfarm employment of 95,000 jobs in September.[4] This statistic piles on top of news yesterday that the private sector lost 39,000 jobs last month.[5] Further analysis of the jobless numbers show a record 14th consecutive month of unemployment over 9.5%.

“Congresswoman Shea-Porter promised us job growth with her failed stimulus, instead all we’ve seen is bigger government and a waste of taxpayer money,” Bosse continued. “The rest of us have known all along that Shea-Porter’s failed stimulus was a waste. For her, hindsight is 20/20.”

Friday, October 1, 2010

From the Union Leader: To Carol Shea-Porter, it's Big Government or Nothing

Thanks to the Union Leader for printing my Op-ed on the difference between myself and Carol Shea-Porter on how we view government. The choice on November 2nd is clear.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the first of what will be many candidate debates with my opponent, Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter. These events serve as a valuable outlet to provide information on where we as candidates stand on the most important issues facing New Hampshire and the nation and to have a dialogue on the different views we have on policy.

At the debate on Monday, we saw a clear difference between me and Rep. Shea-Porter on how large government should be, and what the role of government should be.

Carol Shea-Porter is a proud advocate for bigger government solutions on virtually every issue. No matter what the question is, to Rep. Shea-Porter, the answer is always bigger government. She is a staunch supporter of the federal stimulus package, a trillion-dollar waste which has failed to produce job growth in America. Obama Administration officials promised the stimulus would keep unemployment no higher than 8%. Instead, unemployment has been above that figure for 19 consecutive months. The stimulus wasted billions in unnecessary pork projects, gave millions in bonuses to Wall Street executives, and gave billions to companies that ship jobs overseas. It’s a big-government effort, and it has failed.

Shea-Porter also voted for the trillion-dollar takeover of the health insurance industry. Obamacare cut $500 billion from Medicare, raises numerous taxes and has done nothing to lower health care costs. The law also contains a provision that requires small business owners to fill out a 1099 tax form with the IRS any time they spend more than $600 with a vendor in a year. The White House says this will raise $17 billion over the next ten years. It is yet another tax on small businesses that will do absolutely nothing to improve health care.

Instead of focusing on free-market solutions to tackle the rising cost of health care and health insurance, Congresswoman Shea-Porter again went with the big-government approach. Once again, this approach has failed.

I offer a different approach to answering these challenges. On job growth, I want to lower taxes on individuals and small businesses, and reduce the regulatory red tape small business owners must cut through. I want to provide small business owners with a tax break by allowing them to fully write off the cost of equipment purchases in the year they make the purchase. I want to cut both the payroll tax and corporate tax rate on all businesses, so they have more money available to their employees, and have an increased ability to hire. These are small government solutions that will keep businesses thriving, and put people back to work.

I am proud of my record of leadership as Mayor of Manchester. I was able to produce the city’s first tax cut in nearly a decade, and help put a Spending Cap on the ballot, because I held true to a philosophy of limited government and trust in the taxpayers. I helped make Manchester run better and more efficiently because I held true to those core principles. I was lauded for demonstrating “competent, responsible, fiscally conservative governance”. I will bring that style of governance to Congress if given the chance.

Rep. Shea-Porter knows her big-government approach will not win out among voters when compared to my small-government approach, so she is trying to distort it. She is falsely labeling me as an “extremist”, playing straight out of the Democratic Party handbook. In her mind, if you do not believe in a big-government solution for every challenge facing this country, then you are for no government at all.

Carol Shea-Porter doesn’t believe in good government. To her, it’s either big government or no government. To her, it’s either a complete adoption of Nancy Pelosi’s big-government agenda, or anarchy. We cannot allow this falsehood to go unchallenged.

There is a significant difference between the Pelosi-led big government agenda Shea-Porter advocates, and my plan to bring smaller government and fiscal responsibility back to Congress. The voters of New Hampshire have a clear choice when they go to the polls on Nov. 2: big government, or good government. I know the difference between the two. It’s unfortunate that Rep. Shea-Porter does not.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shea-Porter Abandons New Hampshire Taxpayers

Casts deciding vote that paves the way to raise taxes on average NH family by $1,698

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta chastised Carol Shea-Porter for casting the deciding vote that paves the way to raise taxes on New Hampshire families. Shea-Porter voted in favor of motion for Congress to adjourn until after the November elections. The motion passed by a single vote, 210-209. The motion came without the House voting on extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for everyone. Allowing these tax cuts to expire at the end of the year will raise taxes on the average New Hampshire family by $1,698. The motion to adjourn came after it became clear that there was sufficient support in the House to pass a tax cut extension for all.

“Carol Shea-Porter has abandoned New Hampshire taxpayers, and cast the deciding vote that will lead to higher taxes for New Hampshire families,” said Guinta campaign spokesman Brett Bosse. “The Congresswoman has shown she cares more about defending her mentor Nancy Pelosi’s radical liberal agenda than with standing up for New Hampshire taxpayers.”

This is not the first case in which Carol Shea-Porter has been the only thing standing in the way of taxpayer relief. In 2008, Shea-Porter once again was the deciding vote on a motion to adjourn, this time without the House taking up a vote on a measure that would lower gas prices. At the time, gas prices were well over $4.00 per gallon nationwide.

“It’s bad enough that Carol Shea-Porter has voted with her mentor Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time, but now we see once again that she’s too afraid to do her job,” Bosse continued. “The Congresswoman once again has put blind partisan loyalty ahead of her constituents, and was the deciding vote that will lead to higher taxes for every American family.”

Guinta Statement on Preserving Social Security

Frank Guinta has released the following statement in response to false assertions made by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter's office:

"Carol Shea-Porter continues to deny there is a problem with Social Security. Social Security is projected to run a deficit in 2015 because of the partisan, big-spending agenda championed by Carol Shea-Porter and Nancy Pelosi. They have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on frivolous spending, and trillions on the failed stimulus package and Obamacare takeover. And for too long both parties have raided the Social Security Trust Fund, which is due to become bankrupt by 2037.

The only way to ensure Social Security's future is to cut federal spending, so we can maintain the commitments we've made to our nation's seniors. I believe we need a solution to preserve Social Security which does not privatize the system, does not raise taxes, and does not cut existing benefits. If Carol Shea-Porter is so concerned about our seniors, why did she vote for ObamaCare which cuts half a trillion dollars in Medicare benefits for seniors?"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will Shea-Porter Raise Taxes on NH Families by $1,698?

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta called on Carol Shea-Porter to for once stand up for New Hampshire taxpayers. Congress is set to adjourn on Thursday, and will not meet again until after the November elections. Shea-Porter’s mentor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has still yet to hold a vote on extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for all Americans. Failing to extend the tax cuts will raise taxes on the median New Hampshire family by $1,698.

“Carol Shea-Porter has a very easy decision to make in the next two days, will she raise taxes on New Hampshire families by $1,698?” asked Guinta campaign spokesman Brett Bosse. “Carol Shea-Porter needs to show some leadership and ask her mentor Nancy Pelosi to vote immediately on cutting taxes for all Americans.”

Just last week, Shea-Porter signed on to a letter with more than thirty of her far-left colleagues. The letter desperately begged Speaker Pelosi to not hold a vote on the tax cut extension. This stands in stark contrast with dozens of members of Shea-Porter’s own party, who have called for the tax cuts be extended for everyone. It also contrasts with her own party’s history. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy pushed through an across-the-board tax cut, a move which helped the country get out of a recession.

“Carol Shea-Porter has voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time, but this is an opportunity to finally take a stand against her radical liberal agenda,” Bosse continued. “Will Carol Shea-Porter stand with her mentor Nancy Pelosi, or will she for once stand up for New Hampshire taxpayers?”

Monday, September 13, 2010

Guinta Prepared for Victory Tuesday Night

Highlights of primary campaign include 9 Town Halls, $827 Billion saved

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta has concluded the campaign stage of the race for the GOP Primary nomination, and the chance to challenge Carol Shea-Porter in November. Guinta has run an aggressive, grassroots, issues-based campaign that has seen him traverse the First Congressional District more than a dozen times over. Guinta’s campaign has earned him accolades from conservative Republicans, independents, and members of the media. Here are some of the highlights from the Guinta campaign.

- Editorial endorsements from Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Concord Monitor
- Endorsements from conservative groups like the Family Research Council, and pro-family conservatives all over the district
- 9 in-person Town Hall forums, far and away the most of any candidate in the race
- The People’s Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Pact, a 15-point pledge to the people of New Hampshire on what Guinta will push for in his first 100 days in office
- 10-point Job Growth and Economic Development Plan, including cutting taxes on individuals and small businesses, defunding Obamacare and working towards its full repeal, and preventing a National Energy Tax
- “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative. 50 specific cuts to the federal budget, totaling more than $827 Billion in savings that can be applied to the federal deficit

Guinta offered the following statement to sum up his primary campaign:

“I’m proud of the race we’ve run over the last year and a half, and humbled by all the hard work everyone has put into it. The grassroots support we’ve gained has been overwhelming. I appreciate all the support we’ve received, and am confident it will result in victory on Tuesday night.”

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guinta Puts a Cap on “Frank’s Fifty”

Call for national Spending Cap concludes 50-day budget cut initiative


Frank Guinta concluded his successful “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative by calling for a national Spending Cap. A Spending Cap would prevent the government from increasing spending beyond the rate of inflation. As Mayor of Manchester, Guinta helped implement a Spending Cap in the city. Guinta battled the Board of Aldermen for two years to put a Spending Cap on the city ballot, finally succeeding in 2009. Manchester voters responded approvingly, passing a Spending Cap by a nine-point margin. A federal Spending Cap would save taxpayers an estimated $64 billion a year.

“Helping to get a Spending Cap passed in Manchester was one of my proudest accomplishments as Mayor. It was conservative, and it worked,” said Guinta. “I want to show the same commitment in Washington in getting a Spending Cap passed as I did in Manchester.”

Frank Guinta has shown an unmatched commitment to cutting federal spending, and saving taxpayers money. “Frank’s Fifty” proposed more than $827 billion in budget cuts. That accounts for more than half the federal deficit, and more than 20% of the total budget. Guinta has shined a light on waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government, targeting programs that are unnecessary, duplicative, or frivolous.

“I’m proud of the commitment I’ve made in this campaign to cut spending, save taxpayers money, and return fiscal responsibility to Washington,” Guinta continued. “I’m worried about the people who sign the back of the paycheck. Those of the people I’ll represent in Congress.”

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guinta’s Conservative Message Stands Alone

Only tested conservative clear winner of WMUR/Union Leader Granite State Debate

Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta was the clear winner of tonight’s WMUR/Union Leader Granite State Debate, held at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Guinta’s conservative message stood alone, as he shared with New Hampshire voters his vision for the future. Guinta talked about the tested conservative leadership he will bring to Washington.

“It’s important that we nominate someone next Tuesday who is a tested conservative to go up against Carol Shea-Porter,” said Guinta. “We need someone with a proven record of cutting borrowing, cutting taxes, and implementing a Spending Cap. I’ve done these things in Manchester. It was conservative, and it worked. I’ll do the same in Washington.”

Guinta highlighted where he stood out from his colleagues in coming up with common-sense solutions to America’s challenges. Guinta has proposed a 10-point Jobs Plan, 15-point Fiscal Reform and Responsibility Pact, and his highly-successful “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative. Thus far, Guinta has proposed nearly $750 billion in specific spending cuts.

“New Hampshire voters know exactly where I will do on Day One, because I’ve given them specifics throughout my campaign,” Guinta continued. “I’m worried about the people who sign the back of the paycheck. Those are the people I’ll represent in Congress.”

Foster's Details Frank Guinta's Visit to Turbocom International

Barrington- Frank Guinta met with business owner Marian Noronha, chairman and founder of Turbocom International on Route 125. The company employs 220 at the Barrington HQ, as well as 130 employees around the globe. Foster's Daily Democrat details Frank's talk at Turbocom.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fervent, Varied Support for Guinta

In addition to the over 150 people rallying for Frank Guinta outside last night’s Union Leader/WMUR debate, Foster’s Daily Democrat and The Concord endorsed Frank Guinta in the 1st Congressional District’s Primary this past week. This streak continued with the endorsement of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association (HBRANH), and a number of fervent letters-to-the-editor submitted and printed by supporters of Frank.

The HBRANH said they were backing Mr. Guinta for his work helping small businesses in Manchester, and for the fiscal conservatism with which he approaches problems.

“Before becoming mayor, Guinta was a successful businessman. That, in combination with his time as mayor, gives him a combination of experience not offered by anyone else in the primary race” said HBRANH president Merritt Peasley.

The importance of Mr. Guinta’s experience was echoed in the endorsement from Foster’s. “Guinta is tried and true, not tired and worn — not a retread from a political time gone by. Candidates like Guinta don't come along very often. He is a candidate voters should not let slip through their grasp.”

This past week, Team Guinta was touched by another outpouring of support from the people of New Hampshire. Kenneth J. Rahilly, Doris Gates, and Ann-Marie McKenna were among just a few of those who wrote to their local papers in support of Frank.

In Ms. Gates’ piece, she also stressed the importance of experience in a candidate, “Actions speak far louder than words, and that's why I'm voting Frank Guinta for U.S. Congress. Frank is the only candidate who can say that they have fought for taxpayers and been effective in changing the debate; promoting conservative values, fighting for taxpayers and enacting meaningful reforms.”

Ann-Marie McKenna gets at the core of what this race is about in her letter: restoring conservative New Hampshire values and uniting the party without political attacks. She writes, “Negative advertising and mudslinging (by some of [Frank’s] opponents) turn me off. I seek substance and conviction. That is why I support Guinta to win the nomination and then to unify Republicans with disenchanted independents and Democrats to retire Shea-Porter in November.”

Ms. McKenna’s point is well received. The people of New Hampshire are calling for the leader most equipped to achieve the goal of a Red State. Frank Guinta’s experience in commerce as well as governing, his solid conservative principles, and his ability to lead, are a winning combination in November. Team Guinta is ever grateful for all of the support.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Frank Guinta Endorsed by Foster's, Concord Monitor

Frank Guinta earned two major endorsements this morning. Guinta was endorsed by both Foster’s and the Concord Monitor.



Candidates like Guinta don’t come along very often. He is a candidate voters should not let slip through their grasp.

Guinta is tried and true, not tired and worn — not a retread from a political time gone by.

His personality is simple and straight forward. Yet his suggestions for solving the problems Washington has created show a depth of understanding that comes from a seasoned leader.

What this means to voters is that Guinta’s training wheels are off and that he will be able to work with Washington as needed and stand firm when it is in the best interests of Granite Staters.

Concord Monitor:

Guinta’s positions align with those of his party, as do those of most of his rivals. He opposed the federal stimulus program and would pursue tax cuts in Congress to stimulate the economy and create jobs. He believes the health care reform effort was a mistake. We disagree with all those positions but believe Guinta would be an effective advocate for his ideas and an open-minded legislator.

Guinta released the following statement after learning of his multiple endorsements:

“I’m humbled and honored to receive the endorsements of both Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Concord Monitor. They recognize that I am the only tested conservative in the race to take on Carol Shea-Porter in November. This is a testament to all the grassroots support our campaign has received since we began sharing our conservative message with voters last year. We will continue to work tirelessly to earn the ultimate endorsement, the one from New Hampshire voters on Election Day.”

For more information about Frank Guinta’s campaign, visit

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Your Guinta Virtual Yard Sign!


Display a Guinta for Congress Yard sign on your facebook page by tagging yourself in this photo (Click Above).

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From the Conway Daily Sun; Guinta is the type of person we need in Washington

To the editor:
It is almost primary time again — when members of both political parties must choose candidates that they feel live up to the ideology of both the person and the party, in the hopes that their choices will find general election success.

I write today regarding the 1st District U.S. Congress race. As a conservative Republican, a politically informed and involved individual, and a moral citizen, there is no other candidate I would have represent myself and my party than former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta.
From my own personal experience with Mr. Guinta, I can say that aside from being an exceptional candidate, he is also an exceptional person — one who inspires people to believe in him and the qualities he can bring to our valley, our state and our country.

As a husband and father, Frank understands firsthand the importance of protecting family, and has fought and will continue to fight to protect New Hampshire families.

In our current economic climate, he will ensure that current and future generations will not be burdened by the debt of Washington bailouts and indiscreet spending.

While we face many threats from abroad, it is important to realize we are also under siege from our very own government, which threatens to spend us into an oblivion that, if not stopped, will be impossible to recover from.

This is why it is so very important to vote for fiscal conservatives like Mayor Guinta in the September primary and November general elections, because these are the types of people we need in Washington to correct the financial disaster our country has been plunged into.

Although I am a relatively new to this area, I understand that many times residents of this valley feel neglected and forgotten by those representing them; I can assure you, that will never be the case with Frank Guinta as our U.S. Representative.

Frank understands the financial burden most New Hampshire families are currently facing. He has visited this valley, most recently in mid-August; he understands the employment hardships valley residents face because of our very special niche economy, and would fight to put hiring power back into the hands of the small business owner, where it belongs.

Frank understands that our country has taken a turn away from the free-market economic principles it was founded on and that have brought us economic success; not only would he endeavor to move us back toward those principles, but he would fight for legislation in the U.S. Congress that would cap spending and force government accountability, concepts our current government either has no understanding of or has completely forgotten.

I believe Mayor Guinta’s plan for economic recovery is the most comprehensive and sensible I have seen, and has a genuine chance to bring us the real recovery we desperately need. As mayor of Manchester, Frank cut taxes while also improving government services. An opponent of both Cap and Trade and President Obama’s stimulus plan, he believes the surest way to economic recovery is to cut taxes, end useless spending, and ease the burden of the individual. Frank’s record of success as mayor is all I need to convince me that he would bring the same proactive results to the U.S. Congress as he did to the Manchester mayor’s office.

If Valley Republicans make the right choice on Sept. 14 and choose Frank Guinta to represent us in the general election versus Carol Shea-Porter in November, we have a very real chance to elect someone who, for the first time in four years, would represent we, the people.

Frank Guinta would, on a daily basis, remember who elected him — and it would be us he would consider as he cast each and every single vote.

Danielle Winters
Hale’s Location

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Bird Makes More Money Than Donald Trump

Frank Guinta responded to the New Hampshire Democratic Party for their claim that he is “attacking Elmo and Big Bird”. Last week Guinta called for the elimination of taxpayer funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the parent company for PBS and NPR. Guinta points to a 2007 report which shows Sesame Workshop, the company that sells Sesame Street merchandise, made $1.5 billion in sales in 2007.[1] That compares to the $100 million in sales for the Trump Organization in the same year. Ending taxpayer funding to CPB would save taxpayers $422 million a year.

“Big Bird is making more money than Donald Trump, he doesn’t need taxpayers’ help to survive,” said Guinta. “The New Hampshire Democratic Party can quit the political hyperbole and start thinking of ways to solve our economic challenges.”
Guinta has been a leader in calling for fiscal reform, through his innovative “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut program. Each day for the last fifty days of the primary campaign, Guinta is calling for a specific cut in the federal budget. Over the last 35 days, Guinta has called for nearly $700 billion in spending cuts, with that money going to pay down the federal budget deficit.
“I’m glad that New Hampshire Democrats are taking notice of where I would like to cut federal spending. I’m disappointed they haven’t shown the same commitment,” Guinta continued. “If they’re not willing to cut funding to self-sustaining programs, what are they willing to cut?”
For more information about Frank Guinta’s campaign, visit

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Biden in NH is a Big Bleeping Deal

[To use the Vice President's own words]

Shea-Porter joins Vice President to promote reckless spending, jobless summer

Vice President Joe Biden returned to the Granite State on Thursday. Vice President Biden visited Manchester this morning, joined by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter for a private event. This visit comes near the end of what has been a jobless summer. Unemployment sits at 9.5% nationwide. Last year, the Obama administration promised that passage of the failed stimulus package would keep unemployment below 8%. July was the 18th consecutive month in which the unemployment rate was above that figure.

Read the rest of this release over at

Frank Guinta's Plan for Job, Economic Growth

In WMUR's 10 Questions with Frank Guinta, Frank tackles the issue of job creation with his response to this first question.  His recently released television ad features New Hampshire voters and small business owners who support Frank because of his proven fiscal conservatism and dedication to his constituents.

Friday, August 20, 2010

25 Days, $500 Billion Saved

Frank Guinta has reached a major milestone in his ground-breaking “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative. Halfway through the program, Guinta has proposed more than half a trillion dollars in spending cuts. This makes Guinta the leader in calling for fiscal responsibility, targeting 25 wastes of taxpayer money. Among Guinta’s proposals are the elimination of Obamacare, Department of Education, and stimulus funding for projects that, according to the government, have created zero jobs.

“This milestone represents the commitment I have made to taxpayers to give them a Representative in Congress who will finally show some respect for their money,” said Guinta. “Halfway through our Frank’s Fifty program, I’ve proposed half a trillion dollars in savings. I will bring this same commitment to saving taxpayer money after I am elected.”

Today’s spending cut is part two of Guinta’s effort to bring accountability to the budgeting process. Guinta calls for a complete elimination of earmarks. Earmarks are appropriations requested by members of Congress. The requests are tucked into the back of often unrelated legislation, included without public debate, or even an up-or-down vote. In Fiscal Year 2010, more than 9,000 earmarks accounted for more than $16 billion in government spending. On August 2nd, Guinta called for the elimination of all anonymous earmarks, saving $6 billion a year. Finishing the job will save another $10 billion annually.

“Earmarks lacked accountability when Republicans abused the process, and they certainly lack accountability now that Democrats are in charge,” said Guinta. We need to ban this process, and bring real accountability to the budget process.”

Frank Guinta has proposed more than $500 billion in specific spending cuts for next year’s budget in the first 25 days of the “Frank’s Fifty” program. Guinta will announce a specific spending cut every day until the Republican primary on September 14th. There are 26 days until this year’s primary. For more information about Frank Guinta’s campaign, visit

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Q&A with Frank Guinta

Former two-term Manchester mayor Frank Guinta had long been mentioned as an up and coming political candidate for the Republican party. He’s putting that status to the test this year in his run for the 1st District. Before being elected mayor, Guinta served two terms as an alderman in Manchester and was elected twice as a state representative from the Queen City. Guinta and his wife, Morgan, live in Manchester with their two children. Visit

Q: What are you hearing out on the campaign trail?
A: Well, people are fed up with what’s going on with Washington, with the levels of spending, with the levels of government, the taking over of different industries. People are hoping and expecting to see some changes come the fall.

Q: What is the message that you’re looking to get across?
A: What I talk about is the need for solutions-based Congress. Just as I did as mayor, cutting spending, cutting taxes, getting a spending cap passed, protecting taxpayers. At the federal level, the same level of protection is needed. I would bring that same level of advocacy of taxpayers to Congress. People seem to be appreciative of that. Given the $13 trillion debt, and $1.5 trillion deficit, people are expecting someone tested, who can make the tough decisions and deliver for the taxpayers.

Q: How have you differentiated yourself from the other candidates?
A: When I’m asked that question, I simply state that I’ve been able to beat an incumbent Democrat, I’m a tested leader and I’ve actually been able to cut taxes and get the spending cap on the ballot. Those are the things specifically that differentiate me from…the other candidates.

Q: If ultimately elected to go to Washington, what would you say are your top three priorities?
A: I would say cut the deficit, get government out of the way of small business, and cut taxes. Those three are the most important because it’s helping the economy and that’s something everybody is concerned with.

Q: What would you be looking to tackle for New Hampshire?
A: I want to see people in New Hampshire get back to work. We have 6 percent unemployment, which is almost double what we normally have. People are concerned about job prospects. People are under-employed. And there’s the third category of people who have stopped looking for work who are not counted. New Hampshire may be faring better than other states, but it doesn’t give comfort to those that are out of work or under-employed. I want to create an environment where small businesses will create jobs and local economies can begin to thrive again.

Q: Why are you running for office and why are you running for this office specifically?
A: It was a tough decision to leave a job that I loved, but I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do, to complete my term and then run for a different office. I’m running for Congress because we have to change the direction of the country. I feel very strongly about that. That’s where I feel I can best serve New Hampshire.

Q: What would you say are your areas of expertise?
A: I ran the largest city in the state for four years, which has a $300 million budget. That gives me a tremendous amount of experience, first of all prioritizing on behalf of the taxpayers, ensuring accountability, and delivering services that look at not just the short-term but the long-term viability of the city. That combined with my legislative experience, as well as my personal small business experience, gives me the tools to serve the people of New Hampshire at the federal level.

Q: Why should the voters vote for you?
A: Well, I am in this race to earn the nomination and to earn the opportunity to serve the people in New Hampshire. My mindset is to serve others. … My experience is unique, compared to the other candidates, it’s unique. If people want to nominate someone who knows how to win, is tested, and can beat Carol Shea-Porter, I’d ask for their vote.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Portsmouth Congressional Debate Tonight!

Come meet Frank Guinta tonight!  He will be participating the Seacoast Republican Women Senatorial & Congressional Debate.  The event is open to the public and begins at 6pm.

The event is at the Portsmouth Harbor Event & Conference Center at 100 Deer Street in Portsmouth.  The center is adjacent to the Residence Inn in downtown Portsmouth.


Get directions to the event.

For more information call Team Guinta at (603) 836-5620.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final 5 Reforms Complete Pact for Real Change


After months of opinions expressed and votes cast on, Frank Guinta has released his final list of fifteen reforms to bring to Washington in his first 100 days in Congress. The People’s Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Pact began with ten ways to return accountability to Washington. Since this effort began, enthusiastic voters have cast their ballot for the final five proposals.

Guinta offered the following statement regarding the release of this list:

“The People’s Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Pact is a commitment I am making to the people of New Hampshire about where my priorities will be as a member of Congress. When I take the Oath of Office to represent the First District, it’s a promise I will make to stand up for taxpayers, and the Constitution of the United States. ‘Your Voice, Your House’ is a way to allow the people to stand with me, and to tell me the most important reforms I can help bring in my first 100 days in Congress. I look forward to the opportunity to live up to my word after I am elected.”

The winning reforms as chosen on are:

-          Reclaiming the People’s House: Establish term limits for members of the House of Representatives
-          Show Committee votes online: Post members’ committee votes within 48 hours
-          Repeal the Death Tax: The death tax is scheduled to come back to life in 2011 and should be permanently repealed. The death tax discourages saving and investing, undermines job creation, wage growth and hurts those who have their savings tied up in land and other hard-to-sell assets.
-          Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax: Encourage businesses to invest in job-creating capital investments
-          No to Automatic Congressional Pay Raises: The automatic ‘cost of living’ adjustment for members of Congress is wrong. I will offer legislation to do away with it and to require any increase in compensation to be voted on publicly.

The People’s Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Pact:

-          Enact a National Spending Cap Constitutional Amendment
-          Enact a Balanced Budget Amendment
-          Enact a simplified tax system, and scrap the Internal Revenue Code
-          End the “stimulus” era of endless bailouts, wasteful spending and government ownership of private property
-          Open up and develop existing American energy resources, and remove roadblocks and barriers to responsible energy exploration on our soil and off our shores
-          Institute a complete audit of all federal agencies and programs to assess their constitutionality and to identify current duplication, waste and inefficiencies
-          Encourage job growth through a series of permanent tax cuts and regulatory reforms
-          Repeal Obamacare and replace it with free market solutions
-          Apply a constitutionality test to every bill brought before Congress
-          Institute government transparency: make all non-emergency legislation public, in its final form, at least 72 hours before a vote can be taken on it
-          Reclaiming the People’s House: Establish term limits for members of the House of Representatives
-          Show Committee votes online: Post members’ committee votes within 48 hours
-          Repeal the Death Tax: The death tax is scheduled to come back to life in 2011 and should be permanently repealed. The death tax discourages saving and investing, undermines job creation, wage growth and hurts those who have their savings tied up in land and other hard-to-sell assets.
-          Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax: Encourage businesses to invest in job-creating capital investments
-          No to Automatic Congressional Pay Raises: The automatic ‘cost of living’ adjustment for members of Congress is wrong. I will offer legislation to do away with it and to require any increase in compensation to be voted on publicly.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Frank's Fifty Racks Up $326 Billion in Cuts in 3rd Week


Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta ended the third week of his innovative “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative by finding two more ways to save taxpayers money. Guinta first called for the collection of all unpaid taxes from federal employees. The IRS reports that in 2008, more than 97,000 federal workers were delinquent on their federal income taxes. The Heritage Foundation estimates this would result in the collection of more than $3 billion, which can go to pay off the deficit.
“It is unacceptable for nearly 100,000 federal employees to have not paid their income taxes. We need to collect this money and use it to help balance the budget,” said Guinta. “We cannot continue to hold honest taxpayers hostage while turning our back on those who are not paying their fair share.”
Guinta’s second proposal for the weekend is to repeal the Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998. The act authorized the use of charge cards to cover travel costs for federal employees. Government audits have found numerous cases of waste, fraud and abuse of these charge cards. Repealing this act would save taxpayers more than $8 billion a year, and allow for a new system for covering employee travel to be crafted.
“It is clear that in the 12 years this program has been in place that it does not work,” Guinta continued. “Let’s wipe out this fraud-laden federal program, and work to put one where federal employees are held more accountable in its place.”
Frank Guinta has proposed more than $326 billion in specific spending cuts for next year’s budget in the first eighteen days of the “Frank’s Fifty” program. Guinta will announce a specific spending cut every day until the Republican primary on September 14th. Sunday marks 30 days until this year’s primary.

Friday, August 13, 2010

LTE: Shea-Porter's vote hurts our troops in combat

A recent letter to the Editor in the Portsmouth Herald illuminates Congresswoman Shea-Porter voting record on the War in Afghanistan.

Shea-Porter's vote hurts our troops in combat

Portsmouth Herald

Aug. 10 — To the Editor:

On Aug. 9, I learned from a letter to the editor that Carol Shea-Porter leads any of the field of her potential Republican opponents by at least 5 percentage points in a UNH-conducted poll.

Recently, I discovered that on July 27 she voted against funding combat operations in Afghanistan. I never saw a newspaper report or a newsletter from the congresswoman announcing that vote. Instead, I learned of it from a site on the Internet. If her position on funding had been known before the poll was taken, I bet the result would have been different.

Her vote was "House Vote 474 — Approve Spending for Combat Operations." She voted no. The House as a whole approved the measure by a vote of 308-114. I guess Congresswoman Shea-Porter feels in addition to a dreary economy, why not a defeat in Afghanistan.

Tom Hayden, the noted antiwar activist, in an article in the Nation on July 29 stated that the Washington peace groups, after a two-week e-mail campaign, were happy about the gain of 14 votes, including that of Shea-Porter, against the Afghanistan combat funding bill. Shea-Porter is a member of the House Committee on Armed Services and you would expect she would not undermine our troops in combat, but she did.




In addition, here's a link to GovTrack.US showing how each member of the House voted.

Congresswoman Shea-Porter Keeps Spending Unbudgeted Tax Dollars

This past Tuesday Carol Shea-Porter voted to spend taxpayer dollars, once again. Despite Congress not passing a budget this year, our Congresswoman continues to spend. This time for another $26 billion to bail out states. In the face of a $1.5 trillion dollar deficit, does this seem responsible to you?

In addition, The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) will be running ads in New Hampshire praising Congresswoman Shea-Porter and Hodes for their efforts. These ads also come at a price for AFSCME, $2.5 million dollars.

These recent events truly show the allegiances our Congresswoman has made while serving our country. Finance reports show that in the 2nd quarter of 2010, Carol Shea-Porter recieved more than $70,000 in contributions from Washington lobbyists.

On Wednesday, Frank Guinta had this to say about our Congresswoman: "Carol Shea-Porter says she doesn't stand for Washington special interests, but her actions and her bank account tell a different tale. Carol Shea-Porter showered with her vote on this bill that she stands with Washington lobbyists, and against New Hampshire taxpayers."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update: Frank Guinta Wins 5th Consecutive Straw Poll at NHYR Lobster Bake


Last Saturday, more than 200 people from the greater Kingston area sat down for a Pancake Breakfast with Frank Guinta. After enjoying meeting voters, Frank's next stop was the New Hampshire Young Republicans Lobster Bake at Rye Harbor State Park. Another 200+ people turned out in fervent support of the New Hampshire Young Republicans. The NHYR also held a straw poll which Frank Guinta won with more than half the vote. This 5th consecutive straw poll win for Frank shows consistency and momentum going into the final few weeks before the primary.

Most importantly, the weekend was an example of the enthusiasm we are seeing across the state this election season. These straw poll results demonstrate the strength of a grass-roots network, and Team Guinta is proud to have earned each victory.

NHYR Straw Poll Results

Frank Guinta      91 votes           51.7%
Rich Ashooh            40 votes           22.7%
Sean Mahoney        34 votes           19.3%
Bob Bestani                8 votes             4.5%
Rich Parent                 2 votes             1.1%
Peter Bearse                1 vote              0.6%

Friday, August 6, 2010

Grassroots Campaigning at its Best

In response to Kevin Lacourse's letter to the editor, Gertie Johnson's letter to the editor today highlights an important aspect of this election. With less than 40 days until the primary, we are seeing the beginning of a dialogue that demonstrates the true citizen-legislature nature of New Hampshire. I am proud to have earned Kevin's support, and proud of our grassroots efforts to engage a diverse voter base.

Below is the letter from Kevin, as well as the response from Gertie. Thank you both for your letters.


Frank Guinta

Nashua Telegraph- August 6, 2010

Letter Sparked Memory of Passion and Politics

This is in response to Kevin Lacourse’s letter of July 31 titled “First-time voter backs Guinta for Congress.”

When I was younger, I was also very passionate about voting like you seem to be. I recall spending days and many nights in smoky places trying to convince as many people as I possibly could of the “candidate of my choice.”

I, too, have met Frank Guinta recently. I too, was impressed with him, but I would have not thought – after my probably equally intense conversation with him – to sit down and write to urge voters to support him.

I am not that passionate about politics anymore. Voting to me now is knowing that I have a choice, which I am sincerely thankful for.

After reading your letter, I realized that the days of my passionate efforts to convince others that most likely had already made up their minds are gone, remembering their equally passionate responses to my approaches.

I think it is great that you sat down and wrote your letter. Being passionate about something is simply great.

I just want to be the little voice to remind you that people do have choices, and I, for myself, am totally against being told what to do and, even more so, who to vote for.

I do consider suggestions, though, so thank you very much for sharing your opinion and reminding me of the kind of passion that can be found in youth.

Gertie Johnson


Nashua Telegraph- July 31, 2010

First-Time Voter Backs Guinta for Congress

This upcoming midterm election will be the first time that I will be able to participate and cast my vote.

One aspect I believe to be important in choosing a candidate is how he or she engages the voters.

Recently, I was at a small event for former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta. Simply put, I was impressed. Unlike a lot of candidates, Mr. Guinta sounded different.

Sometimes candidates would shake my hand loosely and then look over my head at the next group of “acquaintances” to make. Instead, it was clear that when I asked him a question, he was talking to me, not through me.

This type of engagement is also evident in his proposal, the People’s Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Pact. In it, he outlines 10 changes he would like to enact and then asks voters to help choose five additional reforms. This is exactly what it means to be a representative of the people.

Join me Sept. 14 in voting for Frank Guinta for Congress in the 1st District.

Kevin Lacourse


Guinta Gets It; Shea-Porter Doesn't

I have asked U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter to explain how Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution does not apply to federal land buying; she says I have it wrong. I ask how she can vote to increase taxpayers' costs for medical care; she answers they will get $250 if they spend the $2,500 doughnut hole in drug charges. I ask her, and she goes off in another direction.
This shows we should always vote for someone who has the experience in local government to know how federal and state spending keeps raising costs locally and thus raises their property taxes.
Republican congressional candidate Frank Guinta has local experience and understands how our local taxes keeps getting increased by politicians like Shea-Porter who hasn't a clue - except for how to get a photo-op with a veteran.
Our veterans deserve better, and our taxpayers deserve a knowledgeable representative.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frank Guinta's First 10 Cuts Would Save $41 billion


In just ten days, Frank Guinta has proposed more than $41 billion in taxpayer savings over the next ten years by eliminating unnecessary or wasteful government programs. Among Guinta’s proposals are a repeal of the costly and wildly unpopular Obamacare health care takeover, an end to road signs promoting the failed Stimulus package, and a one-year moratorium on pay raises for all federal employees.  

One particularly outrageous federal expenditure is the taxpayer subsidies for Amtrak sleeper cars.  Each year, taxpayers shell out $120 million for Amtrak's first-class passengers to utilize these cars.  They come fully equipped with showers, a turn-down service, food, and entertainment.  

On the big spending in Washington, Guinta said, “This race represents a clear difference about where we want to go as a country, do we want to continue to waste taxpayer dollars like Carol Shea-Porter has done over the last four years, or do we want to start showing taxpayers a little respect?”

Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Review: Freedom Parade


This weekend Team Guinta made its way up to Freedom, NH to march in the Freedom Old Home Week Parade. Amongst the vintage cars and floats, we were lucky enough to have one of our supporters in the area donate a dump truck for us to use as a Team Guinta Mobile! Walking through streets lined with locals, I was able to meet and engage many voters. In addition, many volunteers came out to march with us in the parade. Thank you all very much, we greatly appreciate your support. With 43 days left until the primary, Team Guinta continues to gain momentum as we move towards victory.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Team Guinta Campaign Update

Plaistow Parade 011

It has been four weeks since this blog last released our field statistics. During that short period of time, our number of Facebook fans grew to more than 3,550 and our county co-chair leadership team also continues to swell, approaching 800 members. We also have a growing constituency of veterans – 80 thus far. The support continues to grow steadily each day and we are honored to have you on our side!

This week, Team Guinta will begin a new leg of our Your Voice, Your Vote, Your House tour. The team will make stops in Londonderry, Hooksett and Hampstead, including meet & greets in both Londonderry and Hampstead, and business stops in Hooksett. For specifics about when and where you can meet Frank Guinta, please call our headquarters at 836-5620.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Team Guinta Celebrates Newmarket Office Opening


This past Thursday, Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta celebrated the opening of a new Team Guinta office in downtown Newmarket. More than 20 voters and volunteers gathered at the office for a short pizza party and phone banking. The office will serve as an alternate headquarters for the team and a place where volunteers can come in to help out. “The energy in this office is impressive,” said Mr. Guinta, commenting on the enthusiastic support of voters and how effective the team has been in engaging volunteers to help spread the message.

Frank Guinta is looking forward to the last 50+ days before the primary. “We can win this race. I think nationally we can win this race and I think we need people around this country who are willing to stand up for freedom.” With the new office up and running, the Team is poised for a successful finish to the campaign season.

Among the volunteers Thursday night was former New Hampshire Senator George Lovejoy, a longtime supporter of Mr. Guinta. “Frank Guinta is the only one with experience,” Lovejoy explained, “All the others will need on the job training experience to legislate.” With regard to the other candidates running for this 1st District Congressional seat, Lovejoy said, “They might be nice guys, but they have not the experience.” As senator and a founder of the NH Advantage Coalition, Senator Lovejoy has established himself as a major tax-fighter in NH. He sees this same type of conviction in Mr. Guinta saying, “Frank took the lead on the tax cap proposition in Manchester. He is a true conservative. He knows how to legislate.”



Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Review: Team Guinta Looks Strong

Team Guinta showed strength and momentum this weekend. We started in Exeter before the beginning of the American Independence Festival. Along with several volunteers, we made our way through town, knocking on doors and talking with more voters. The response was great, and many residents were eager to discuss why I’m running for Congress.

Next up was the American Independence Festival in downtown Exeter. Our team organized a station alongside the GOP tent, passing out pocket-sized US Constitutions to the crowd.

The final stop was in Brentwood for the Rockingham County Straw Poll. Here I met with hundreds of voters and gave a short speech before the polls closed. Despite the heat, there was a great turnout for the event. I was especially pleased to see NHGOP chair John Sununu at the event. His presence reinforced the solidarity of the Republican Party this election season.

When all votes were counted, Team Guinta was the victor with 36% of the vote! After buying only 10 tickets for some of my staff, I was heartened by the immense support from our grassroots network. Some campaigns relied heavily on buying a lot of the tickets to influence the outcome of the poll. My team and I have maintained a strong connection with our supporters and with this 4th consecutive poll victory, it shows. Thanks to all the volunteers, attendees, and our entire Team. Together, we can keep this winning streak through to November.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Frank’s Statement on Stimulus

This morning reports are circulating that I supported the stimulus plan and requested stimulus monies as Mayor of Manchester. Nothing could be further from the truth. These reports are no doubt being spread by one of my opponents who hopes that by distorting my conservative record, he can gain a political advantage. This story is not only inaccurate, but is easily rebutted by a simple search of statements I have made about stimulus since late 2008 (see below and read carefully).

In the spring of 2009, I was busy drafting my final budget as Mayor. I was focused on preventing a tax hike by keeping spending down and I was concerned about how the State budget might affect Manchester’s budget. Governor Lynch’s proposed budget seized Manchester’s portion of the Rooms & Meals Tax and State Revenue Sharing, and replaced it with unspecified and one-time stimulus monies.

When I criticized the Governor’s budget for how it used stimulus monies, I was not advocating for those monies. I was instead very clearly trying to keep their feet to the fire to make the State fulfill on the Governor’s promise. At no time did I ask for stimulus monies and I made it abundantly clear to Governor Lynch and the Legislature that they should not downshift their budget woes upon the cities and towns, and the taxpayers that bear the burden of funding those governments. According to a Union Leader editorial, “That would be good for the state's bottom line, but it could be a disaster for municipalities.” (Union Leader,19 Feb 2009)

As Mayor, I never once asked for stimulus nor put together a stimulus wish list. I never lobbied the Governor or any other official in public or private to send stimulus funds to Manchester. Instead, I asked that State to restore Rooms & Meals and Revenue Sharing, and advocated that they instead cut spending to balance the budget. I have never supported using one-time money to fill a budget gap and I never will.

From the very beginning, I have opposed the stimulus plan because I don’t believe that our government’s role is to create jobs. Rather I believe that government needs to lift hindrances to private business like over regulation and high taxes. Only the private sector creates jobs; the government just needs to get out of the way. And this why our country is suffering from high unemployment because our elected leaders like Carol Shea-Porter think that they can just spend their way out any problem.


March 7, 2009 Saturday


New Hampshire Union Leader

MANCHESTER -- Uncertainty about future bond payments for Verizon Wireless Arena may be eliminated because Gov. John Lynch yesterday proposed restoring room-and-meals tax revenues to cities and towns.

In his budget address last month, Lynch proposed the state keep money allocated for local aid to help balance the state budget, but yesterday said federal stimulus money would restore the rooms-and-meals funds to municipalities.

Yesterday, New Hampshire Municipal Association officials praised Lynch's plans, but noted the state budget process still has a long way to go.

Lynch proposes taking $120 million from $201 million in stimulus funding allocated to states for education aid and using the money to replace $120 million of state money in the biennial budget for school aid. That would free up state money to restore $120 million of the proposed $187 million reduction in local aid.

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta has scheduled a briefing for aldermen Tuesday on potential problems with paying for the arena should rooms-and-meals tax revenues for cities and towns be eliminated.

Manchester uses rooms-and-meals revenues from the state to pay off the $50 million bond for the arena. The city is counting on about $4.5 million for this year's payment for the 10,000-seat arena, which hosts concerts, high school graduations, and games played by the Monarchs and Wolves.

But officials say if the funding source goes away, the trustee, Bank of New York Mellon, could gain control of the facility. In a default, the trustee could foreclose and put the building up for sale, hire its own management company to run the arena as it sees fit or use revenue generated by the arena to retire the bonds.

The city is banking on an insurance policy protecting its rights to control the arena, but it's unclear whether the policy would accomplish that goal as intended. The insurer, ACA Financial Guaranty Corp., was caught up in the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, but recently reorganized and had its rating upgraded.

Under the worst circumstances, the city's bond counsel has suggested, the city's and the state's credit ratings could be lowered, although the state treasurer and others dispute his point. A downgrade would make it more expensive if not more difficult to bond major projects.

But all the discussion could be moot if lawmakers decide to restore all $187 million Lynch proposed eliminating, instead sending federal stimulus money to cities and towns, much of it for education.

After Lynch made his proposal, local officials protested, saying local services would suffer if aid were directed to school districts rather than to communities.

Yesterday, Pam Walsh, the governor's deputy chief of staff, said Lynch was sensitive to the need to be sure money went into the "right buckets" and will ask lawmakers to move the money around in the budget so communities get some aid restored.

Walsh noted the governor put together his budget before the federal economic stimulus package was finalized and it was unclear how much discretion states had in allocating the money.

Guinta said that while he was pleased Lynch restored the rooms-and-meals revenues to municipalities, he and other mayors and local officials will continue to work with Lynch to restore the $50.4 million in revenue sharing and the 5 percent reduction in payments to the state retirement fund for teachers, police and firemen.

"It's clear the governor feels his original proposal to suspend rooms-and-meals revenue was a mistake. (He) listened to a bipartisan group of mayors and town officials asking him to reverse his decision," Guinta said.

Manchester would stand to lose $3.9 million in revenue sharing and $600,000 in payments to the retirement fund.

Rooms-and-meals and revenue sharing are 40-year sources of funds for cities and towns, he said. "It's an error in judgment to take that money away and use it for the state deficit. To me, this is Phase 1 of three phases of things that need to be restored."

Ward 2 Alderman and state Sen. Ted Gatsas, R-Manchester, said yesterday he would rather see the rooms-and-meals and revenue-sharing money for local aid left alone and distributed under the current formula.

Before the arena was constructed, city officials decided to use rooms-and-meals money to pay for the project rather than ask city taxpayers to foot the bill.

William Craig, long-time attorney for the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority, which issued the bonds, said the city's only obligation since Day 1 was to include the rooms-and-meals money for the bonds in the budget the mayor presents. "The city does not have to pay for this at all," he said.

The arena bonds are similar to revenue bonds issued for Manchester-Boston Regional Airport construction and repaid from revenues generated by the airport. "As long as the Verizon is doing well, there shouldn't be any concern about the bonds being paid off," he said.

Manchester's bond rating is AA+.

"We should definitely be concerned about our bond rating," Ward 7 Alderman Bill Shea said. "Extremely."

Shea said he supported the arena project as an alderman in the late-1990s but was concerned about plans to use rooms-and-meals tax dollars to finance it. He said he urged the board to consider using a portion of the arena's concession-stand revenues instead. "This was not considered at all," he said.

The arena bonds were recently rated a middling Baa3 by Moody's Investors Service. In December, the rating agency affirmed the bonds' "negative outlook," saying there is a "strong possibility that meals-and-rooms tax revenue will not experience growth sufficient to meet increasing debt service requirements over the near term."

To date, rooms-and-meals revenue -- about half of which is returned to cities and towns -- has been less than was collected a year ago. Through February of the 2009 fiscal year, the state collected $149.8 million in rooms-and-meals revenue compared, with $151.5 million a year ago.

New Hampshire Leader reporter Scott Brooks and The Associated Press contributed to this article.

EDITORIAL: Missing the memo; Our defiant school board The Union Leader (Manchester, NH) March 4, 2009 Wednesday
March 4, 2009 Wednesday

Gov. John Lynch needs to have a talk with the Manchester Board of School Committee. Its members clearly don't understand his plan for juggling public money.

In his new state budget, Gov. Lynch proposes keeping $117 million in rooms and meals tax money and $50 million in revenue sharing, all of which belongs by law to local governments. But he will make localities whole by giving them $120 million more in education aid and $160 million in federal stimulus money (much of which is earmarked for schools), he said.

Manchester school board members didn't get the memo. On Monday night, they proposed using next year's additional $7.4 million in state school aid to increase the city school budget.

Mayor Frank Guinta is not happy. He says, correctly, that the increased school aid was supposed to make up for revenue Gov. Lynch kept for use by the state. It should, therefore, go to the city to fill the hole Lynch created.

"They're in a different world," Guinta says. "They're not adhering to what at least 60 percent of other school boards are realizing."

The New Hampshire School Administrators Association says that 60 percent of the state's school districts plan to cut staff this year to reduce their spending. Not Manchester's. Here, it's spend, spend, spend.

The city schools account for more than half of all city spending. The mayor is trying to prevent a tax increase on people who cannot afford one by controlling costs in the less than 50 percent of the budget he controls. The school board is, as always, doing what it can to make sure taxes and spending go up, not down.

The aldermen need to join the mayor in making it clear that city schools are not going to get a budget increase this year. Spending has to come down to meet revenues. There is no other option. If the school board refuses to accept that reality, the aldermen have to make them by appropriating only what the city can afford.

EDITORIAL: Shifting costs down ; A Lynch property tax hike? The Union Leader (Manchester, NH) February 19, 2009 Thursday

February 19, 2009 Thursday:
Gov. John Lynch proposes balancing the state budget with money that rightly belongs to local governments. It's OK for the state to take that money, he says, because in exchange localities will get even more in state aid and federal stimulus cash. Eh, not necessarily.

The governor intends to suspend rooms and meals tax payments to local governments, which amount to $58.5 million a year, or $117 million over the life of the two-year budget. By tradition and state law, that money belongs to local governments. Legislators would have to change the law to allow the state to keep the cash.

That would be good for the state's bottom line, but it could be a disaster for municipalities. Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta estimates a loss of millions a year. Some of that money covers the city's bond payments on the Verizon Wireless Arena.

The governor also proposes keeping $25 million a year in revenue sharing money, which also legally belongs to local governments. And he wants to level-fund the state's portion of retirement plan cost-sharing, which would equal another $17 million over two years that localities would not receive.

Lynch says local officials shouldn't worry because he is increasing state education aid by $123 million over two years and local governments will get a total of $190 million from the federal stimulus bill. But much of the federal money is earmarked for schools. So while many school boards will have more money, towns and cities might lose millions.

They can make up for some of that by reducing the amount of local property tax revenue they devote to schools. But it is unclear whether every community will receive federal stimulus dollars. Some communities might do better under Lynch's proposal, but others might lose big time.

The governor deserves credit for some creative budgeting. But legislators need to study what this taking of local dollars will do to property taxes. It might not work out as well for localities as the governor suggests it will.

LOAD-DATE: February 20, 2009 Friday

"He should cut items in his own budget, not ask cities and towns to do it for him," said Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, a Republican. "He shouldn't rely on a federal stream of money to dig the state out of its hole."

Guinta insisted he had no intention of asking the federal government for a handout, at least until federal or state officials ask the city to come forward with some requests. Lopez said he wants the board to put together a list of projects it would like to launch, in case the money really does become available.

Guinta confessed he had had two conversations with U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in which, he said, "she asked what earmarks I was interested in." But he maintained he wasn't ready to put anything in writing, saying, "I don't think it's appropriate to send a message to people that we're anticipating money. There's no legislation; there's just discussion about it."

EDITORIAL: Begging for bailouts; It's magic money time! The Union Leader (Manchester, NH) January 5, 2009 Monday

Manchester is putting together a list of its top priorities in case a sack of federal stimulus package cash falls from the sky. That's not a bad idea. It's good to be prepared. An even better idea is what Mayor Frank Guinta and Gov. John Lynch are doing: budgeting under the assumption that no stimulus money will arrive.

Mayor Guinta told us last week that he has no intention of including stimulus package money in any of his budget preparations. The city should get its own budget in order without hoping for miracle money from D.C., he said.

Though Guinta and Lynch are taking the right approach, some aldermen, state department heads and officials in other cities are or are considering actively pitching Washington for cash.

Though any money that would come is supposed to stimulate the economy, most of the projects floated would do no such thing. Sprucing up city parks and upgrading municipal buildings won't create permanent jobs for anyone. But that won't prevent such projects from making the wish lists. Hey, if Washington is passing out free money, why not ask, right?

It is good to see that at least Guinta and Lynch are resisting the temptation to beg for bailouts. More public officials should exercise such restraint.