Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update: Frank Guinta Wins 5th Consecutive Straw Poll at NHYR Lobster Bake


Last Saturday, more than 200 people from the greater Kingston area sat down for a Pancake Breakfast with Frank Guinta. After enjoying meeting voters, Frank's next stop was the New Hampshire Young Republicans Lobster Bake at Rye Harbor State Park. Another 200+ people turned out in fervent support of the New Hampshire Young Republicans. The NHYR also held a straw poll which Frank Guinta won with more than half the vote. This 5th consecutive straw poll win for Frank shows consistency and momentum going into the final few weeks before the primary.

Most importantly, the weekend was an example of the enthusiasm we are seeing across the state this election season. These straw poll results demonstrate the strength of a grass-roots network, and Team Guinta is proud to have earned each victory.

NHYR Straw Poll Results

Frank Guinta      91 votes           51.7%
Rich Ashooh            40 votes           22.7%
Sean Mahoney        34 votes           19.3%
Bob Bestani                8 votes             4.5%
Rich Parent                 2 votes             1.1%
Peter Bearse                1 vote              0.6%