Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guinta Puts a Cap on “Frank’s Fifty”

Call for national Spending Cap concludes 50-day budget cut initiative


Frank Guinta concluded his successful “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative by calling for a national Spending Cap. A Spending Cap would prevent the government from increasing spending beyond the rate of inflation. As Mayor of Manchester, Guinta helped implement a Spending Cap in the city. Guinta battled the Board of Aldermen for two years to put a Spending Cap on the city ballot, finally succeeding in 2009. Manchester voters responded approvingly, passing a Spending Cap by a nine-point margin. A federal Spending Cap would save taxpayers an estimated $64 billion a year.

“Helping to get a Spending Cap passed in Manchester was one of my proudest accomplishments as Mayor. It was conservative, and it worked,” said Guinta. “I want to show the same commitment in Washington in getting a Spending Cap passed as I did in Manchester.”

Frank Guinta has shown an unmatched commitment to cutting federal spending, and saving taxpayers money. “Frank’s Fifty” proposed more than $827 billion in budget cuts. That accounts for more than half the federal deficit, and more than 20% of the total budget. Guinta has shined a light on waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government, targeting programs that are unnecessary, duplicative, or frivolous.

“I’m proud of the commitment I’ve made in this campaign to cut spending, save taxpayers money, and return fiscal responsibility to Washington,” Guinta continued. “I’m worried about the people who sign the back of the paycheck. Those of the people I’ll represent in Congress.”