Thursday, August 19, 2010

Q&A with Frank Guinta

Former two-term Manchester mayor Frank Guinta had long been mentioned as an up and coming political candidate for the Republican party. He’s putting that status to the test this year in his run for the 1st District. Before being elected mayor, Guinta served two terms as an alderman in Manchester and was elected twice as a state representative from the Queen City. Guinta and his wife, Morgan, live in Manchester with their two children. Visit

Q: What are you hearing out on the campaign trail?
A: Well, people are fed up with what’s going on with Washington, with the levels of spending, with the levels of government, the taking over of different industries. People are hoping and expecting to see some changes come the fall.

Q: What is the message that you’re looking to get across?
A: What I talk about is the need for solutions-based Congress. Just as I did as mayor, cutting spending, cutting taxes, getting a spending cap passed, protecting taxpayers. At the federal level, the same level of protection is needed. I would bring that same level of advocacy of taxpayers to Congress. People seem to be appreciative of that. Given the $13 trillion debt, and $1.5 trillion deficit, people are expecting someone tested, who can make the tough decisions and deliver for the taxpayers.

Q: How have you differentiated yourself from the other candidates?
A: When I’m asked that question, I simply state that I’ve been able to beat an incumbent Democrat, I’m a tested leader and I’ve actually been able to cut taxes and get the spending cap on the ballot. Those are the things specifically that differentiate me from…the other candidates.

Q: If ultimately elected to go to Washington, what would you say are your top three priorities?
A: I would say cut the deficit, get government out of the way of small business, and cut taxes. Those three are the most important because it’s helping the economy and that’s something everybody is concerned with.

Q: What would you be looking to tackle for New Hampshire?
A: I want to see people in New Hampshire get back to work. We have 6 percent unemployment, which is almost double what we normally have. People are concerned about job prospects. People are under-employed. And there’s the third category of people who have stopped looking for work who are not counted. New Hampshire may be faring better than other states, but it doesn’t give comfort to those that are out of work or under-employed. I want to create an environment where small businesses will create jobs and local economies can begin to thrive again.

Q: Why are you running for office and why are you running for this office specifically?
A: It was a tough decision to leave a job that I loved, but I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do, to complete my term and then run for a different office. I’m running for Congress because we have to change the direction of the country. I feel very strongly about that. That’s where I feel I can best serve New Hampshire.

Q: What would you say are your areas of expertise?
A: I ran the largest city in the state for four years, which has a $300 million budget. That gives me a tremendous amount of experience, first of all prioritizing on behalf of the taxpayers, ensuring accountability, and delivering services that look at not just the short-term but the long-term viability of the city. That combined with my legislative experience, as well as my personal small business experience, gives me the tools to serve the people of New Hampshire at the federal level.

Q: Why should the voters vote for you?
A: Well, I am in this race to earn the nomination and to earn the opportunity to serve the people in New Hampshire. My mindset is to serve others. … My experience is unique, compared to the other candidates, it’s unique. If people want to nominate someone who knows how to win, is tested, and can beat Carol Shea-Porter, I’d ask for their vote.