Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From the Conway Daily Sun; Guinta is the type of person we need in Washington

To the editor:
It is almost primary time again — when members of both political parties must choose candidates that they feel live up to the ideology of both the person and the party, in the hopes that their choices will find general election success.

I write today regarding the 1st District U.S. Congress race. As a conservative Republican, a politically informed and involved individual, and a moral citizen, there is no other candidate I would have represent myself and my party than former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta.
From my own personal experience with Mr. Guinta, I can say that aside from being an exceptional candidate, he is also an exceptional person — one who inspires people to believe in him and the qualities he can bring to our valley, our state and our country.

As a husband and father, Frank understands firsthand the importance of protecting family, and has fought and will continue to fight to protect New Hampshire families.

In our current economic climate, he will ensure that current and future generations will not be burdened by the debt of Washington bailouts and indiscreet spending.

While we face many threats from abroad, it is important to realize we are also under siege from our very own government, which threatens to spend us into an oblivion that, if not stopped, will be impossible to recover from.

This is why it is so very important to vote for fiscal conservatives like Mayor Guinta in the September primary and November general elections, because these are the types of people we need in Washington to correct the financial disaster our country has been plunged into.

Although I am a relatively new to this area, I understand that many times residents of this valley feel neglected and forgotten by those representing them; I can assure you, that will never be the case with Frank Guinta as our U.S. Representative.

Frank understands the financial burden most New Hampshire families are currently facing. He has visited this valley, most recently in mid-August; he understands the employment hardships valley residents face because of our very special niche economy, and would fight to put hiring power back into the hands of the small business owner, where it belongs.

Frank understands that our country has taken a turn away from the free-market economic principles it was founded on and that have brought us economic success; not only would he endeavor to move us back toward those principles, but he would fight for legislation in the U.S. Congress that would cap spending and force government accountability, concepts our current government either has no understanding of or has completely forgotten.

I believe Mayor Guinta’s plan for economic recovery is the most comprehensive and sensible I have seen, and has a genuine chance to bring us the real recovery we desperately need. As mayor of Manchester, Frank cut taxes while also improving government services. An opponent of both Cap and Trade and President Obama’s stimulus plan, he believes the surest way to economic recovery is to cut taxes, end useless spending, and ease the burden of the individual. Frank’s record of success as mayor is all I need to convince me that he would bring the same proactive results to the U.S. Congress as he did to the Manchester mayor’s office.

If Valley Republicans make the right choice on Sept. 14 and choose Frank Guinta to represent us in the general election versus Carol Shea-Porter in November, we have a very real chance to elect someone who, for the first time in four years, would represent we, the people.

Frank Guinta would, on a daily basis, remember who elected him — and it would be us he would consider as he cast each and every single vote.

Danielle Winters
Hale’s Location