Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Bird Makes More Money Than Donald Trump

Frank Guinta responded to the New Hampshire Democratic Party for their claim that he is “attacking Elmo and Big Bird”. Last week Guinta called for the elimination of taxpayer funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the parent company for PBS and NPR. Guinta points to a 2007 report which shows Sesame Workshop, the company that sells Sesame Street merchandise, made $1.5 billion in sales in 2007.[1] That compares to the $100 million in sales for the Trump Organization in the same year. Ending taxpayer funding to CPB would save taxpayers $422 million a year.

“Big Bird is making more money than Donald Trump, he doesn’t need taxpayers’ help to survive,” said Guinta. “The New Hampshire Democratic Party can quit the political hyperbole and start thinking of ways to solve our economic challenges.”
Guinta has been a leader in calling for fiscal reform, through his innovative “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut program. Each day for the last fifty days of the primary campaign, Guinta is calling for a specific cut in the federal budget. Over the last 35 days, Guinta has called for nearly $700 billion in spending cuts, with that money going to pay down the federal budget deficit.
“I’m glad that New Hampshire Democrats are taking notice of where I would like to cut federal spending. I’m disappointed they haven’t shown the same commitment,” Guinta continued. “If they’re not willing to cut funding to self-sustaining programs, what are they willing to cut?”
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