Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fervent, Varied Support for Guinta

In addition to the over 150 people rallying for Frank Guinta outside last night’s Union Leader/WMUR debate, Foster’s Daily Democrat and The Concord endorsed Frank Guinta in the 1st Congressional District’s Primary this past week. This streak continued with the endorsement of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association (HBRANH), and a number of fervent letters-to-the-editor submitted and printed by supporters of Frank.

The HBRANH said they were backing Mr. Guinta for his work helping small businesses in Manchester, and for the fiscal conservatism with which he approaches problems.

“Before becoming mayor, Guinta was a successful businessman. That, in combination with his time as mayor, gives him a combination of experience not offered by anyone else in the primary race” said HBRANH president Merritt Peasley.

The importance of Mr. Guinta’s experience was echoed in the endorsement from Foster’s. “Guinta is tried and true, not tired and worn — not a retread from a political time gone by. Candidates like Guinta don't come along very often. He is a candidate voters should not let slip through their grasp.”

This past week, Team Guinta was touched by another outpouring of support from the people of New Hampshire. Kenneth J. Rahilly, Doris Gates, and Ann-Marie McKenna were among just a few of those who wrote to their local papers in support of Frank.

In Ms. Gates’ piece, she also stressed the importance of experience in a candidate, “Actions speak far louder than words, and that's why I'm voting Frank Guinta for U.S. Congress. Frank is the only candidate who can say that they have fought for taxpayers and been effective in changing the debate; promoting conservative values, fighting for taxpayers and enacting meaningful reforms.”

Ann-Marie McKenna gets at the core of what this race is about in her letter: restoring conservative New Hampshire values and uniting the party without political attacks. She writes, “Negative advertising and mudslinging (by some of [Frank’s] opponents) turn me off. I seek substance and conviction. That is why I support Guinta to win the nomination and then to unify Republicans with disenchanted independents and Democrats to retire Shea-Porter in November.”

Ms. McKenna’s point is well received. The people of New Hampshire are calling for the leader most equipped to achieve the goal of a Red State. Frank Guinta’s experience in commerce as well as governing, his solid conservative principles, and his ability to lead, are a winning combination in November. Team Guinta is ever grateful for all of the support.