Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Team Guinta Celebrates Newmarket Office Opening


This past Thursday, Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta celebrated the opening of a new Team Guinta office in downtown Newmarket. More than 20 voters and volunteers gathered at the office for a short pizza party and phone banking. The office will serve as an alternate headquarters for the team and a place where volunteers can come in to help out. “The energy in this office is impressive,” said Mr. Guinta, commenting on the enthusiastic support of voters and how effective the team has been in engaging volunteers to help spread the message.

Frank Guinta is looking forward to the last 50+ days before the primary. “We can win this race. I think nationally we can win this race and I think we need people around this country who are willing to stand up for freedom.” With the new office up and running, the Team is poised for a successful finish to the campaign season.

Among the volunteers Thursday night was former New Hampshire Senator George Lovejoy, a longtime supporter of Mr. Guinta. “Frank Guinta is the only one with experience,” Lovejoy explained, “All the others will need on the job training experience to legislate.” With regard to the other candidates running for this 1st District Congressional seat, Lovejoy said, “They might be nice guys, but they have not the experience.” As senator and a founder of the NH Advantage Coalition, Senator Lovejoy has established himself as a major tax-fighter in NH. He sees this same type of conviction in Mr. Guinta saying, “Frank took the lead on the tax cap proposition in Manchester. He is a true conservative. He knows how to legislate.”