Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frank Guinta's First 10 Cuts Would Save $41 billion


In just ten days, Frank Guinta has proposed more than $41 billion in taxpayer savings over the next ten years by eliminating unnecessary or wasteful government programs. Among Guinta’s proposals are a repeal of the costly and wildly unpopular Obamacare health care takeover, an end to road signs promoting the failed Stimulus package, and a one-year moratorium on pay raises for all federal employees.  

One particularly outrageous federal expenditure is the taxpayer subsidies for Amtrak sleeper cars.  Each year, taxpayers shell out $120 million for Amtrak's first-class passengers to utilize these cars.  They come fully equipped with showers, a turn-down service, food, and entertainment.  

On the big spending in Washington, Guinta said, “This race represents a clear difference about where we want to go as a country, do we want to continue to waste taxpayer dollars like Carol Shea-Porter has done over the last four years, or do we want to start showing taxpayers a little respect?”