Monday, August 16, 2010

Frank's Fifty Racks Up $326 Billion in Cuts in 3rd Week


Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta ended the third week of his innovative “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative by finding two more ways to save taxpayers money. Guinta first called for the collection of all unpaid taxes from federal employees. The IRS reports that in 2008, more than 97,000 federal workers were delinquent on their federal income taxes. The Heritage Foundation estimates this would result in the collection of more than $3 billion, which can go to pay off the deficit.
“It is unacceptable for nearly 100,000 federal employees to have not paid their income taxes. We need to collect this money and use it to help balance the budget,” said Guinta. “We cannot continue to hold honest taxpayers hostage while turning our back on those who are not paying their fair share.”
Guinta’s second proposal for the weekend is to repeal the Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998. The act authorized the use of charge cards to cover travel costs for federal employees. Government audits have found numerous cases of waste, fraud and abuse of these charge cards. Repealing this act would save taxpayers more than $8 billion a year, and allow for a new system for covering employee travel to be crafted.
“It is clear that in the 12 years this program has been in place that it does not work,” Guinta continued. “Let’s wipe out this fraud-laden federal program, and work to put one where federal employees are held more accountable in its place.”
Frank Guinta has proposed more than $326 billion in specific spending cuts for next year’s budget in the first eighteen days of the “Frank’s Fifty” program. Guinta will announce a specific spending cut every day until the Republican primary on September 14th. Sunday marks 30 days until this year’s primary.