Monday, July 5, 2010

A Look Forward

Another letter supporting Frank Guinta in this past Saturday's Foster's Daily Democrat.

To the editor:

Fathers Day had me thinking about how my father fought in World War II, his father before him in World War I and me in Vietnam. We all served proudly in defense of our nation and for the freedoms we all enjoy.

What I see going on in Washington today disturbs me. No control on illegal immigration, spending three generations of tax dollars in a year. We have a national debt that is heading this country into bankruptcy. We have a new health care bill that takes billions from Medicare for our seniors yet guarantees care for non residents, illegal or otherwise. It is time for fiscal conservatism.

We have a candidate Mayor Frank Guinta running for U.S. Representative 1st District of New Hampshire who is a proven leader. Leadership, good leadership starts with character.

Mayor Guinta has that character and has proved his ability to face those tough issues and do the right thing for the American people.

He believes in our Constitution, American ideals, and understands if you want the economy to turn around you need to support small business, not put the burden on them and the middle class. He knows how to cut spending yet put programs in place that benefit those citizens that need assistance.

This is the right candidate at the right time. The train is leaving the station, so please get on board and remember to vote, and remember the name Frank Guinta.

Rene Bonnin