Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frank Guinta is a Doer

Here's a letter to the editor from today's Laconia Citizen:

Editor, The Citizen: With all the problems our country is facing, we really need a leader who will stand up to the special interests and increased spending requests. That's why I am supporting Frank Guinta for Congress this fall.

During his four years as mayor of Manchester, Frank submitted four balanced budgets that kept spending down and actually would have cut our property taxes. He cut annual borrowing by the city in half because taxpayers could not afford any more big ticket projects. He invested in our Police Department which resulted in declining violent crime rates. Simply put, Frank Guinta did more than speak — he actually accomplished something as an elected official.

With all the big spenders in Washington, electing someone like Guinta will be a first step in turning our country around. Join me in September and November as we elect Frank Guinta as our next congressman.

Shona Bowen