Friday, June 25, 2010

Former NH Senator Lovejoy Endorses Frank Guinta

Former New Hampshire Senator George Lovejoy endorsed Frank Guinta in a letter to the editor in today's Foster's Daily Democrat! Thank you Senator Lovejoy!

Full text below:

Responsible Voice for Granite State

To the editor: After spending a great deal of time in New Hampshire politics, always on the side of the taxpayers, today I see that they are in the greatest peril of my lifetime. This peril is precipitated by the excessive taxing and spending of the Democrats who have taken control of our government on both the national and state level.

Carol-Shea Porter, who votes in lock step with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has lent her voice and our vote to every big spending issue that has faced the Congress. Currently she holds New Hampshire's Congressional 1st District seat. Her votes have helped put America in debt by one trillion dollars in the past year alone and taxed future generations $13 to $14 trillion. She has voted to give up our liberties and to put business under federal control.

She must be voted out of office if New Hampshire is to be once again looked to as the voice of growth and frugality. We as a nation must reduce our budget deficit and spending, and we must cut taxes for individuals and small business.

Looking at the field of candidates for Congress in NH's 1st District, the Democrats have just one, Carol Shea-Porter, who promises more of the same if re-elected. The Republicans have several candidates competing for that same office. While any one of them would better represent New Hampshire than Congresswoman Shea-Porter, there is one who stands out in this group of candidates. That is why I am supporting Frank Guinta in his quest to go to Congress.

Former two-term Mayor of Manchester Frank Guinta has a history of cutting taxes and reducing violent crime. He has been a reliable defender of the taxpayers and has stayed close to the people. In addition he had the courage to take on the Shea-Porter voting record long before any others got into the race. Having served in local government as an Alderman and in state government as a Representative to the General Court, Frank Guinta has the experience that others lack. He was still able to cut taxes despite serving as a Republican mayor and working with a Democrat majority.

Frank Guinta has been a true conservative on both fiscal and social issues and has proved himself to be reliable.

I believe that a vote for Frank Guinta on Sept. 14 is an early vote against Shea-Porter and Nancy Pelosi come November.

George Lovejoy