Monday, June 28, 2010

Frank Guinta Marches in Plaistow's Old Home Day Parade

Plaistow Parade 013

This past weekend Frank Guinta attended the annual Old Home Day parade in Plaistow, NH. Hundreds of people lined the main street into town to watch the parade pass. Frank got to meet many voters, shaking upwards of 250 hands!

When asked about Frank, one of the younger voters said, “Some of the other politicians I met at the parade were looking over my head, trying to see who they would target next. Instead, it was clear that Mr. Guinta was engaged in our short talk and that he was talking to me, not through me.”

Frank was the only Congressional candidate for New Hampshire’s 1st District to attend the parade and among the different floats and marching bands, more than 20 members of Team Guinta came to march alongside. Overall the crowd loved the parade and Frank really enjoyed the march into town.

Plaistow Parade 003