Monday, June 14, 2010

Frank Guinta's Constitutionality Test

In this 1st District Congressional Race, Frank Guinta has a very solid, common sense approach to new legislation, and he is the first candidate in this race to take this approach.

Mr. Guinta said in a recent speech, “All of the things that the liberal left thinks is good for us will be gone, this November. You know what gets to replace it? This book.... This is what I walk around with, this is what I will hold on the floor of the house to make sure that every piece of legislation I vote on, adheres to this basic principle.”

That book in his hand is the U.S. Constitution. Frank Guinta is so adamant about this point that the first bill he has promised to endorse when elected, “The People’s Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Pact,” includes applying a Constitutionality Test to all legislation brought through Congress.

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