Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unbalanced national budgeting cannot continue

Congressional candidate Frank Guinta told a Town Hall crowd in Wolfeboro that Congress needs strong leaders who are willing to say that the nation’s current tax-and-spend agenda is ‘unacceptable’ and make the tough decisions to change the system.

“Right now, what I think we need to do is stop the bleeding and freeze the spending,” said Guinta, the former mayor of Manchester. “Secondly, I think we should audit not just the Fed, but every federal department or agency that is spending money. Then, I think we need to adjust spending levels. In some cases it could be as significant as 10 [percent] or 15 percent. In other cases, I’d like to be convinced why some of the departments that exist need to exist on the federal level.”

Guinta specifically noted that the departments of education and energy were created only about 30 years ago and should be examined to determine if they’re really necessary. He said these departments and others simply take money from states such as New Hampshire, absorb about a third of the money, and then dictate how the money they send back to the states has to be spent. He said he’d rather keep the money in New Hampshire so citizens and business owners can decide how to spend their own money.

“What this nation needs are a group of people who are going to go down there, and say, ‘Prove to me that first of all this [spending line item] is a constitutional requirement; secondly, prove to me that you’re spending the money effectively; and third, let me see the … goal setting and the outcomes’,” he said. “If you watch the budget process at the federal level, that doesn’t happen right now.”

Guinta said the current way the budget is managed is the reason why President Obama’s current budget proposal is $1.9 trillion out of balance and it is the reason why the national debt has reached $12.4 trillion.

“We don’t have savings accounts,” he said. “What we spend right now is borrowed money or printed money. It just has to stop. It’s so out of control."