Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The country must restore its work ethic and the American concept of self-reliance

American leaders must set an example of personal responsibility to help the nation restore its honor and common sense, congressional candidate Frank Guinta told a Town Hall meeting crowd in Wolfeboro.

“There was a time in this country that you worked so hard to get here, you refused to take a dime from anybody because you wanted to make it yourself,” said Guinta, the former mayor of Manchester. “That’s the kind of work ethic that we need right now.”

Today, there are too many people who expect the government to take care of them, he said. But it’s not the government, but other hard-working Americans who are actually footing the bill. This “Where’s mine?” attitude needs to be reversed, he said.

“We have got to strive to make this a country where people don’t expect a handout from the government, but they demand of themselves that work ethic that gives them the opportunity to be successful,” he added.

To change the status quo, Americans must start electing the right people who will bring the same responsible attitude to Congress that they should also have for themselves. Congress should only spend as much money as it has and not a dime more, he said.

“I do not subscribe to the notion that government is the solution to our problems,” Guinta said. “I believe we are the solution to our problems, and innovation is the solution to our problems.”

Qualifying his statements, Guinta said there is a need to have a limited safety net for people who legitimately fall on tough times and need some help getting back on their feet. But there are too many abusing the system today, he said.

“People have to feel that they are self sufficient, that they are self-reliant and they are responsible for themselves,” he said. “Personal responsibility should matter.”