Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guinta organizes petition effort opposing Obamacare

Congressional candidate Frank Guinta has organized a petition effort to demand Rep. Carol Shea-Porter respect her constituents and vote against the government health care bill that New Hampshire residents in district one have clearly said they don’t want.

Thanks to Guinta’s Web page,, New Hampshire residents of the first district can add their voices in opposition to the socialized health care plan Shea-Porter and her cronies in Washington are offering. The petition will be delivered to Shea-Porter’s office prior to the vote on health care later this week.

"There are good solutions on the table and we must go back to the drawing board and start again with real reform," Guinta said on the petition Web page. "We need medical malpractice reform, small business pooling, and the right to buy insurance across state lines. We need to provide small businesses the same tax benefits big businesses receive and we need to maintain our current quality of care. This is what the public wants, but is Carol listening?”

Frank Guinta, the former mayor of Manchester, has opposed the Democrats’ health care plan since its inception last year. He has also listened to the majority of citizens across New Hampshire and the country who are in deep opposition to the plan. On Thursday, January 21, he pledged in front of about 100 people in Bedford that he would repeal any health care plan that increases government control over the health care industry. He has reinforced his commitment to this pledge at almost every public event he’s held since January.

Folks across the district have repeatedly engaged in public protests during this past summer and into the winter--in large part, opposing Obamacare--while Shea-Porter arrogantly ignored the people, saying she knows better than they do what kind of health care they need. Tired of this kind of representation from Shea-Porter, former Mayor Frank Guinta launched his campaign to run for Congress and held his own Town Hall meetings during the summer when the congresswoman refused. While Carol Shea-Porter continued to blindly support the Obamacare bill because Nancy Pelosi told her to, Frank read each new iteration of the bill in full and publicly commented about its flaws and what should be done instead.

Since then, Guinta has completed a tour of the first district, where he has made dozens of stops talking with small business owners, customers and folks on the street. He has held six Town Hall meetings, and he's used the occasions to clearly articulate his plans for health care and other issues facing the nation, which he has shared with the world on this blog and via YouTube videos.