Friday, March 5, 2010

Legislators should be judged by how many pieces of legislation they repeal

Congressional candidate Frank Guinta at a Londonderry Town Hall meeting on February 24 outlined his first orders of business once he’s sworn in as the first district’s next representative in Congress.

Should government-run health care legislation pass during the current session of Congress, Guinta said he would immediately file or sign-on to legislation to repeal it. Guinta said he would also work to identify legislation that is “outdated or archaic or is invasive personally or overly bureaucratic.”

“Government is onerous, and I think people are feeling that,” Guinta said. “Legislators don’t need to be judged by how many pieces of legislation they file. They can also be judged by how many pieces of legislation they repeal.”

Next, he would work to immediately freeze federal spending to help bring the national debt and budget deficits under control.

“I would institute a spending freeze,” said Guinta, the former mayor of Manchester. “I would do top-to-bottom reviews not just of the Fed, which is the thing that most people want to see right now, but of every single department and agency.”

The former mayor said such audits would identify what’s working and what isn’t and detect where there are duplications in service. Using the constitution as its guide, Congress can then use the audit to determine what departments are no longer needed and what dollars can be used to bring the budget into balance, pay down the national debt and reduce the tax burden on families with children and small businesses.

With national spending and taxes under control, individuals and small businesses will have more of the resources they need to create jobs.