Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guinta says his plans for America would reverse the country’s current direction

Congressional candidate Frank Guinta said voters in New Hampshire’s first district will have a clear choice between Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and him in the upcoming Midterm elections since their positions on the issues facing the nation couldn’t be further apart.

“I’m going to continue to be the person who listens to constituents,” said Guinta, the former mayor of Manchester, at a Wolfeboro Town Hall meeting. “I’m going to talk about my record of reforming government, cutting taxes and prioritizing government as what I think the country needs right now.

“Right now, the country needs debt and deficit reduction; it needs reform at almost every level; it needs more accountability in government,” he added.

The attempt by Democrats in Congress to label Republicans as the “party of ‘no’” has actually had a positive effect, because most Americans don’t want what Congress is trying to force on them, Guinta said.

The candidate said he is against bills such as card check, which allows unions to end privacy in their elections; Cap & Trade, which would add a massive tax burden on Americans and businesses, and increase the cost of energy; the government health care bill, which would increase the cost of health care while reducing access to quality care; and bailouts to banks and companies such as General Motors, which are simply unconstitutional. He said he is against overspending, particularly at a time when the nation’s debt and deficit are unsustainable.

Carol Shea-Porter “and I could not be on more opposite ends on all of these issues,” Guinta said.

“The country wants progress on the economy, they want to feel stability in the economy, and they want to know that government is not going to take over their business or their life,” he added. “I’ve always tried to make decisions with the best information and the best intent for the people that I represent.”